• Learn the Don'ts

    Study the thoughts and behaviors of men who get rejected by women so you can avoid making their mistakes.

  • Correct Your Thoughts

    Unlearn some bad ideas you probably have that are seriously hurting your chances with new women.

  • Learn the Do's

    Learn the thoughts and behaviors of men who ARE good with women so you can succeed just like they do.

  • Talk with Confidence

    Learn to speak to new women with real confidence - even if those women are beautiful and you're average-looking.

  • Look Confident

    Learn to carry yourself with "cool" confidence without looking like a cocky jerk - no matter how you look.

  • Learn How to Win

    Learn to how succeed with a woman you really like so that you're not trying to "get" her, but she's trying to "get" you.


  • What's in The Program?

    The Program is a series of 23 course modules - comprised of short videos, written lessons, quizzes, and exercises that will help you systematically super-charge your confidence and success with women.

  • When does The Program start and finish?

    The Program starts when YOU want and ends when you want too. That is, it's a completely self-paced online program where you decide when you start and when you finish.

  • Will I have to "go it alone" with this program?

    No. With this program, you have access to the Reboundy Connect Community - a unique forum of like-minded guys who are all program members.

  • Will I have to sit through long, boring talking-head lectures?

    No. For this subject, talking-head lectures are not the best way to learn and remember. So, there are none in this course. Most of what you'll encounter are micro-lessons that are three (3) minutes (or less) in duration.

  • Will I have to remember a bunch of weird lines and moves?

    No. The truth is, most guys who are confident and successful with women are "making it up as they go." This program will teach you to do the same thing by conditioning you to avoid critical errors - all while showing up with an enhanced version of YOU.

Program curriculum

    1. Chapter 3: What You'll Learn

    2. Takeaway: Fading Doubts

    3. Five Big Ideas

    4. 1. The Big Secret About This Program

    5. Quiz

    6. 2. Upgrade Your Mindset

    7. We're Not Wolves or Gorillas!

    8. Quiz

    9. Scraping Away the Bad Thoughts

    10. 3. Upgrade Your Image

    11. What Matters Most to Women

    12. Upgrade What Matters Most

    13. Quiz

    14. 4. Upgrade Your Actions

    15. "Interest Tokens"

    16. Quiz

    17. Just Getting Out There

    18. Quiz

    19. 5. The Worst Enemy to Your Development

    20. JSR and Smart Guys

    21. Quiz

    22. Review: Upgrade Everything

    23. Who You're Meant to Be

    24. Final Quiz

    25. Wrapping Up

    1. Chapter 4: What You'll Learn

    2. Takeaway: Take Your Time

    3. Five Big Ideas

    4. 1. Get the Tools for Taking Notes

    5. Quiz

    6. 2. Focus Your Notes on "Cringers"

    7. Quiz

    8. Give Yourself Some Credit Too

    9. 3. Record Yourself Talking

    10. Level Up Your Voice

    11. Quiz

    12. 4. Take Real Physical Action

    13. Interactional Appeal > Outward Appeal

    14. Quiz

    15. The S.A.N.E. Approach

    16. The Big Difference

    17. Quiz

    18. How Real Learning Happens

    19. 5. Don’t Worry About Making “Mistakes”

    20. You WILL Remember. You WILL Change.

    21. Quiz

    22. When Mistakes Don’t Matter

    23. Specialized Confidence

    24. Quiz

    25. Review: How to Level Up

    26. Your Level-Up Starts Now

    27. Final Quiz

    28. Wrapping Up

    1. Chapter 5: What You'll Learn

    2. Yes, You Can Now Start Taking Notes

    3. Takeaway: Your Bold You

    4. Five Big Ideas

    5. 1. Why You Fear Doing Something New

    6. Taking Baby Steps Toward Boldness

    7. Quiz

    8. 2. Quit Worrying About What People Think

    9. Mate Selection: Men vs. Women

    10. Quiz

    11. 3. The Power of Bold Action

    12. Break On Through (To The Other Side)

    13. Don’t Worry About What Women Want

    14. Quiz

    15. 4. The Cost of Feeling Silly and Stupid

    16. Quiz

    17. 5. The Benefit of Conquering Your Fear

    18. Note Card: DNA Filter Statements

    19. Quiz

    20. Review: Fortune Favors the Bold

    21. Stick That Landing

    22. Final Quiz

    23. Note Card + Notes (examples)

    24. Wrapping Up

    1. Chapter 6: What You'll Learn

    2. Takeaway: Handling Challenges

    3. Five Big Ideas

    4. 1. Heroes in the Movies

    5. Heroes Plod Ahead

    6. Quiz

    7. 2. Seeing Yourself as an "Unlucky Loser"

    8. The "Messed-Up" Family Complex

    9. Quiz

    10. 3. You Have a Choice

    11. Is Suffering Your Hobby? If So, Stop.

    12. Quiz

    13. 4. Seeing Yourself as the Hero (per J.R.)

    14. Your "Weapons"

    15. Note Card: Hero Mentality

    16. Quiz

    17. You're Not Gonna Quit

    18. 5. This Whole Process Should Be Fun

    19. Quiz

    20. Review: You're Not Here to Lose

    21. Ignore the Noise

    22. Final Quiz

    23. Note Card + Notes (examples)

    24. Wrapping Up

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